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E - Klasse 10 - Arbeit Nr. 4




Reading comprehension. Read the text below carefully, then, in your own words, answer the questions on the text in complete sentences.


The British have always been a nation of sport lovers, and interest in all types of sport is as great today as it has ever been.

Many sports which are nowadays played all over the world developed to their present-day form in Britain. Football is perhaps the best example,

but others are horse-racing, golf, lawn tennis and rowing.

Many people consider cricket to be the most typically English of sports, and it is true that this game is played only in Britain, some parts of the

British Commonwealth, and in Denmark. Although the most popular British sport is undoubtedly football, it is nevertheless true that for most

Englishmen, the sight of cricketers in white trousers on the smooth green grass of a cricket pitch represents something that is traditionally English.

Cricket and football, however, are merely the two most popular sports in Britain; there are many others. In the summer, lawn tennis probably comes

next in importance to cricket. There are clubs in every town and in all the parks there public courts where tennis can be played for an hour on payment

of a few pence.

Swimming is very popular and there are many public swimming baths. The annual Boat Race between Oxford and Cambridge on the River Thames is

one of the most popular sporting events of the year.

Winter sports such as skiing are generally impossible in Britain (except in Scotland) because of the mildness of the winters, but more and more people spend

winter holidays on the Continent in order to take part in them.

(260 words)

(source unknown)


consider - think undoubtedly - without doubt

nevertheless - trotzdem

annual - yearly

Answer the given questions in complete English sentences. Do not copy the text.

1. Which different kinds of sport are mentioned in the text?


2. Which is the most typically English of sports?


3. Which sport is almost as important as cricket?



4. Where do the teams for the annual racing event on the River Thames come from?



5. What takes so many British people to the Continent in winter?



6. What's your favourite sport? Say why.



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