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E -Stufe 13 - Übung Nr. 10


1. Test your vocabulary.
First repeat the words from the semantic field minorities. Then play the Hangman Game.


Score :
Fails (6):

2. Gerund and infinitive. Click the answer button to see the answer.

2.1. Isn't everybody interested as much money as possible?

a. to earn
b. to earning
c. in earning
d. earning


2.2. We are looking forward in Bournemouth.

a. meet
b. to meeting
c. meeting
d. to meet


2.3. The judge was used all the things the criminal had done.

a. hear
b. to hear
c. hearing
d. to hearing



2.4. The crew disliked to spend all the time with her.

a. to have
b. having
c. to having
d. have


2.5. The class practised English grammar exercises with their new teacher.

a. do
b. to do
c. doing
d. to doing


2.6. The teacher meant 'bore', but he accidentally said 'whore'.

a. say
b. to say
c. saying
d. to saying


2.7. The landlady asked: Do you intend kippers for breakfast?"

a. have
b. having
c. to have
d. to having


2.8. After the show Tim hoped all the stars.

a. to meeting
b. to meet
c. meeting
d. meet


2.9. Britney, do you enjoy movies?

a. watch
b. to watch
c. watching
d. to watching


2.10. I had the boys to stop such a noise.

a. to ask - making
b. to asking - make
c. asking - making
d. to ask - make

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