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E - Klasse 7 - Übung Nr. 10


1. Tenses. Simple past and present perfect. Write down your answer before checking it.

1.1. How much French (they / learn) since March?

1.2. You (meet) them again two weeks ago. How long (you / know) them? 

1.3. Yesterday there (be) a bank robbery at the Nat West branch in Llandudno. Two robbers

(come) in at 11.15, (point) their guns at the bank clerk and (want) £100,000.

1.4. Joff (lose) his car key last week, and he (not / find) it.

1.5. Toby (be) so busy last week. He (not / have) time to go to the pictures.

1.6. (the Myers / be / ever) to Wales?

1.7. Peter (work) there since 1985.

1.8. - "I (meet) Sheila yesterday." - "Oh, I (not / see) her for ages."

1.9. Tim (type / just) six letters.

1.10. My friend Cyril (visit) Bryce Canyon last October. I (be / never) there in my whole life.

1.11. My English (improve / really) since I (move) to England.

1.12. (you / read) any good books recently?

1.13. Ann (listen / not) to the new Elton John compact disc yet.

1.14. Jack (work) for Smith and Wesson before he (come) to work for us.

1.15. Tim (know) Christine since he (be) a child.

1.16. The students (understand) everything they (hear) this morning.

1.17. (you / ride / ever) in a limousine? When my brother (get) married, we

(ride) in one.

1.18. The last time she (see) Anne (be) ages ago.

1.19. (they / be) ready when the Myers (arrive)?

1.20. Pete can't write any more letters because he (not / buy) any ink yet.

1.21. Pete (never / know) his grandma because she (die) before he (be) born.

1.22. Bob (study) Japanese since he (be) 15.

1.23. I (so / disappointed) by the many unkept promises that all those money programmes (make).

1.24. It (be) cold and windy and so I (catch) a cold. I (often / catch)

a cold, but that one (be) really bad.

1.25. The Pope (die). He (never / recover) from the last operation.

2. Adjective and adverb.

2.1. Peter, please try to be more (precise). 

2.2.  My brother is an (excellent) piano player. 

2.3. She is an (extreme / bad) typist. 

2.4. They ate their sandwiches (quick / very). 

2.5. Tom shouted (angry) at Susan. 

2.6. The little girl asked (polite / very). 

2.7. Why don't you write more (neat), Chris? 

2.8. Those apples look (gorgeous). Can I have one? 

2.9. She talked (careless) about her husband. 

2.10. The patient was breathing (normal) again. 

2.11. Do (good) and live (good). 

2.12. Joff wrote (slow) on his last exam. He (always) writes (slow / so). 

2.13. Her father was an (incredible / successful) travelling salesman. 

2.14. (unfortunate), their last bottle of milk had gone (sour) overnight. 

2.15. The police broke the news to them (gentle). 

2.16. He looked at her (tender) and said that she looked (good) tonight. 

2.17. The lawyer could (easy) convince her. 

2.18. She felt (bad) about yesterday's events. 

2.19. Their voices sound (beautiful / so). 

2.20. The student (correct) defined that term. 

3. Active voice and passive voice. Rewrite the sentences in the passive or in the active. Mind the tenses!

3.1. The Millers built a house.

3.2. Daniel has been called by the girls.

3.3. The mechanic can't repair the computer.

3.4. Neil translated the book.

3.5. Agatha Christie wrote many books.

3.6. Samuel was hit by a snowball.

3.7. Someone slipped a letter under the door.

3.8. Mrs Myers will collect the exercise books on Friday.

3.9. Jean Paul will drive the car.

3.10. The ponies have eaten the apples.

3.11. Fire destroyed the garage.

3.12. The headmaster will present the results at the staff meeting.

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