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E - Klasse 8 - Übung Nr. 6


1. Relative pronouns. Fill in the correct relative pronoun.

Can you tell me

a language
is more difficult to learn than English?

the name of the writer most famous play is 'Hamlet'?

the name of a man died for the rights of Negroes in America?

the name of a book is also the name of a film?

the name of the man wrote 'Moby Dick?

the name of a woman husband was President of the USA in the sixties?

the name of a prince wife was once a famous film star?

the name of the fruit is yellow and tastes sour?

a book
is better than the Queen's cheque book?

name of the pop singer sang "Let it be"?

2. do or make. Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

2.1. My wife hates the housework.

a. doing
b. making


2.2. My husband likes the cooking.

a. doing
b. making


2.3. You can what you want. I'm going home now.

a. do
b. make


2.4. He a lasting impression on her.

a. did
b. made



2.5. love, not war.

a. Do
b. Make



2.6. Does Bush business with Bin Laden?

a. do
b. make


2.7. Why did they fun of you?

a. do
b. make


2.8. The tornado a lot of damage to their houses.

a. did
b. made


2.9. Would you me a favour, George?

a. do
b. make


2.10. I think you are a big mistake, John.

a. doing
b. making

3. The passive voice. Transform the active sentences into the passive voice.

3.1. The pilgrims called their ship Mayflower.



3.2. The storm destroyed many buildings.




3.3. Many broken trees had blocked the road.




3.4. The singer will soon play that song again.




3.5. Harry is eating the soup.




3.6. Tony has left the car in Newcastle.




3.7. The police stopped my wife last night.




3.8. Will Evy wear the new dress tonight?




3.9. The girls made too much noise in the dormitory.




3.10. The headmaster will put out the lights in five minutes.




3.11. My brother has packed my rucksack.




3.12. Tony will clean Sheila's shoes.




3.13. Tom fetched the rucksack for me.




3.14. Barrie Harding asked Mrs Lovett for help.




3.15. Hasn't Mike just discovered the German boys?



4. since and for. Complete with either since or for before you check your answer.

4.1. She has worked for that firm forty years.

4.2. The Bensons have had that green Volvo 2002.

4.3. Chris hasn't eaten any spinach

4.4. We haven't seen the Halls
two years.

4.5. The Millers have been here
two hours.

4.6. Have you met her ever ?

4.7. Our English teacher has been ill

4.8. Mike has been living in Italy September 2002.

4.9. Tim hasn't been to Cyprus
more than a year.

4.10. He hasn't spoken to my Mum a year.

4.11. I haven't smoked

4.12. She hasn't written me
more than two weeks.

4.13. He hasn't written her last month.

4.14. We've had super weather
three months.

4.15. Charlie has been here a short time.
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