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E - Abitur - Übung Nr. 9


1. If - clauses. Spot the correct sentence. Tick the right or wrong buttons. Then control yourself to find out about the result of your efforts.

    right wrong solution
1.1. If it had rained, we would have stayed in the house.
1.2. He wouldn't be repairing the roof for us next weekend if his business trip had not been postponed.
1.3. Tim won't open the parcel if he had had time.
1.4. Had he not gone to the pizzeria, he should have starved.
1.5. If she studies hard, she is going to have passed the exam.
1.6. I would get a new job if I was you.
1.7. If she came, we will go out for a meal.
1.8. They would certainly have gone mad if they had found out what she had known.
1.9. He will go crazy if he won't leave her immediately.
1.10. If Patrick had won the pools, he would be in good spirits now.
1.11. If Ted were coming back tonite, his girlfriend would have worn her best dress.
1.12. If Jill has broken her ankle, she won't be able to go skiing with us.
1.13. If Jack lost his glasses again, it was definitely his own fault.
1.14. If you had not spent the last fortnight partying, I would help you with the test.
1.15. If you would not have given such orders, they could have survived.
1.16. Had I been in your place, I would have given the same answer.
1.17. If he will have done his homework, the teacher would not have punished him.
1.18. Had she consulted a dictionary, she would not have made any mistake.
1.19. She would clean the conservatory if she had enough time.
1.20. If they had moved to S.F., she would have lost her job.

2. Participles. Rewrite the sentences below using particples.

2.1. Make one sentence out of two. Use an -ing form.

2.2. Ken walked past the shop. He heard her cry.

2.3. Dean was lying the grass. He was listening to the radio.

2.4. He came home. He had a headache.

2.5. Those boys live in the slums. They are filthy.

2.6. Ted saw John. John was crossing the street.

2.7. The teacher was sitting in the hall. He was talking to a student.

2.8. The manager came to the hotel. He was feeling tired.

2.9. Do you know this nice girl? She is wearing a red blouse.

2.10. The house was destroyed by a fire last year. It has been rebuilt.

2.11. Tim heard the phone ring. He got up to answer it.

2.12. We saw the pop singer. She was walking to a bar.

2.13. The reporters were talking to Rod Stewart. They asked him many questions.

2.14. I know this teacher. He is planning the exchange visit.

2.15. What happened to those lads. The ones that were arrested last night.

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