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E -Stufe 12 - Übung Nr. 5


1. Gerund and infinitive. Click the answer button to see the correct answer.

1.1. I remember John Major in Scotland.
a. see
b. to see
c. seeing
d. to seeing


1.2. Did you remember the parcel?
a. post
b. to post
c. posting
d. to posting


1.3. I'm not used up this early.
a. get
b. to get
c. getting
d. to getting


1.4.When we were younger, we used to the theatre a lot.
a. go
b. to go
c. going
d. to going


1.5. They regret their neighbur about the incident.
a. tell
b. to tell
c. telling
d. to telling


1.6. Mr Evans, we regret you that your house has been robbed.
a. tell
b. to tell
c. telling
d. to telling


1.7. Stop these ridiculous questions!
a. ask
b. to ask
c. asking
d. to asking


1.8. She wanted to stop a car, but they didn't have enough time.
a. buy
b. to buy
c. buying
d. to buying


1.9. Look, it's starting .

a. snow
b. to snow
c. snowing
dd. to snowing


1.10. He started Spanish when he was three.

a. speak
b. to speak
c. speaking
d. to speaking

2. Mixed tenses.

2.1.   Would you sell your house if it _____ painting? had needed
has needed

2.2   If we had watched the match, we ____ the result now.
would know
had known

2.3.   I _____ to her for two weeks.
haven't spoken
didn't speak
am not speaking
don't speak

2.4   Last night Mr Harding _____ that he _____  a better job next month.   has remarked - will get
had remarked - would get
remarked - would get
remarked - will get

2.5.   By noon they _____ for 16 hours.
will have slept
have slept
are sleeping

2.6.   So far I _____ everywhere. looked
had looked
have looked
will look

2.7.   - "Where _____ Haldane?" - "He _____ breakfast." has been - was having
was - is having
is - is having
was - was having

2.8.   After Timmy _____ his homework, he _____ to see the dentist. has done - goes
was doing -went
had done - went
had been doing - went

2.9.   When Britney and her lover _____ married, they _____ each other for two hours.
got - had known
had got -knew
have got - have been knowing
get - had known

2.10   When new immigrants  _____ in Germany they often _____ German. will arrive - won't be able to speak
are arriving - could not speak
arrive - can't speak
arrived - can't speak

3. The passive voice. Rewrite the sentences below in the passive.

3.1. Zora saw her playing in the street.


3.2. She read the text .


3.3. The technician has repaired my computer.


3.4. The American pilot shot four Canadian soldiers.


3.5. He will sell this horse.


3.6. Jack would not have taken the money.


3.7. Mom carried the heavy bags.


3.8. The police had arrested the thieves.


3.9. Jack built that house.


3.10. Debbie has paid for the meal.

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