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E - Klasse 5 - Arbeit Nr. 9

Chester Cathedral

Chester Cathedral


1. Prepositions. Fill in.

1.1. The pencil is my bag. My bag is the desk. The desk is   the classroom.

1.2. - How do you get school?

- I go school bus.

1.3. - Where do you live?

- I live Leicester. I live Cambridge Road. 22 Cambridge Road.

1.4. - Where's Peter?

- He's home.

1.5. Alice, go the board, please.

1.6. - How do you get work?

- bike. And you?

- bus.

1.7. - Where do you live?

- Park Street.

- Is that far   here?

- No, only ten minutes.

- Ten minutes underground?

- No, foot.

1.8. - Can you come Friday?

- Friday? What time?

- Oh, five o'clock.

1.9. - How do you get home?

- train.

1.10. - Where's Bristol Square?

- It's Glasgow Lane.

- Is Glasgow Lane far Liverpool Road? How do I get there Winchester Street?

 - Go Kent Road. Turn left Brighton Street. Then go Sheffield Square. Go


Sheffield Square and turn left Newcastle Lane. Go Newcastle Lane. Then you find Bristol Square


your right.

1.11. - The girl picture number seventeen is Patricia. What has she got her pencil-case?

- A rubber.

1.12. - Can you see Charlie Green?

- No, he's the chair.

1.13. Sandra is a schoolgirl Glasgow.

1.14. - What have I got my hand?

- A pen.

1.15. - Nessie, go , please. Now come  , please. Nessie, sit , please. Now, stand .

1.16. Charlie Green is a goalkeeper England. He has got a lot hobbies. He likes  playing his


two boys. He likes writing autographs boys and girls, too. Now he is writing his name the picture


a nice girl.

2. Numbers. Write down the numbers, please.





















3. Letter writing. Write a letter to your pen-friend in England. Write 75 words or more. Use the following words: summer , sea. ball, friends, to swim, really warm, waves, sandwiches

4. Reading comprehension. Answer the questions on the text in complete sentences. Do not copy the text.

A child's prayer1
One night, a father passes by his son's room and hears his son praying1.

"God bless Mommy, Daddy, and Grandma, ta ta Grandpa." The father doesn't quite know what this

means2, but is glad his son is praying. The next morning, they find Grandpa dead on the floor of a

heart attack3. The father reassures himself4 that it is just a coincidence5, but is still a bit spooked.

The next night, he hears his son praying again. "God bless Mommy and Daddy, ta ta Grandma."

The father is worried6, but decides to wait until morning.

Sure enough7, the next morning Grandma is on the floor, dead of a heart attack. Really scared8 now,

the father decides to wait outside his son's door the next night. And sure enough, the boy starts to


"God bless Mommy, ta ta Daddy." Now the father is crapping his pants9. He stays up all night, and

goes to the doctor's early the next day to make sure his health is fine.

When he finally comes home, his wife is waiting on the porch10.

"Thank God, you're here -- we can really use your help! We found the milkman dead on our porch this morning!"


prayer, to pray - Gebet, beten
to mean - bedeuten 
heart attack - Herzschlag
to reassure oneself - sich vergewissern
to be worried - sich Sorgen machen
sure enough - und tatsächlich
really scared - wirklich besorgt
to crap one's  pants - in die Hosen machen
porch - Veranda

4.1. What does a father hear one night?


4.2. What happens the next morning?


4.3. What does Grandpa die of?


4.4. Is the father still glad when he hears his son's prayers the following night?


4.5. Who dies next?


4.6. Why is the father crapping his pants the following night?


4.7. What does the father do in the night?


4.8. Where does he go in the morning?


4.9. Who is the last to die?


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