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E - Klasse 9 - Arbeit Nr. 5

Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976)

Agatha Christie (1890 - 1976)


1. Intensive reading: Agatha Christie, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, chapter 3. Answer the following questions in complete and meaningful English
sentences. Use your own words as far as possible.

1.1. What kind of character is Caroline?


1.2. Who is Hercule Poirot?


1.3. Where does he live?


1.4. What ability does Poirot seem to have?


1.5. What happened to Dr Sheppard's legacy?


1.6. What does Poirot know about Ackroyd and Ralph?


1.7. Retell what Caroline has found out about Ralph Paton.


1.8. Where does Dr Sheppard go afterwards?


1.9. Why does Ralph wish to keep his marriage secret?


1.10. Do you like Agatha Christie's detective story? Say why or why not.


2. Prepositions. Fill in.

2.1. Wales can look a long, sometimes violent, always exciting history full  interest  today's tourist bored  


TV and discos.

2.2. Cwmbran is the valley the Afon Lwyd 8 kilometres north the important industrial centre


Newport and the Motorway M4. 1949, Cwmbran was chosen  the government as a new town a development area.


2.3. I couldn't sleep and was looking my bedroom window. Suddenly I noticed a light moving the house door.


I wondered because the Jones's were holiday. Later I saw two men carrying something the garden. that moment I felt


a hand touching me. It was Mink, my cat.

3. Tenses. Complete.

3.1. - What   (you / do) tomorrow, Eileen ?

- We (go) to visit my uncle in Manchester.

3.2. - Oh dear, I (lose) my book.

- Don't worry. I (lend) you mine.

3.3. - I can't come then. My train (go) at 3 tomorrow.

- I know. I (meet) you on Wednesday at 4.30 at the café.

- That's no good. I (finish) work till 5 all this week.

3.4. - Well, Harry, I'm sure our readers (like) to know a bit about your life so far.


Now, you (be born) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, I (believe).

- That's right, Martha - you (not mind) if I (call) you Martha?

- I (be born) in Tulsa exactly 19 years ago. Today (be) my


birthday, you (see).

- Oh, happy birthday, Harry. And how long (you / be) in films ?

- Well, I (make) films for about 2 years now. I (start) with


a small part in "Hi, Money" in 1978. I (never forget) that. I (just leave)


school when I (get) that part, and I (not look back) since.


It   (be) up, up, up all the way.

- Yes, and now you (be) right at the top and -

- You (can) sure say that again, honey, but I (not finish) yet. Oh no.


Next year I   (plan) a trip to Europe. We (make) a big new film there


and we (hope) it (be) a real big hit.

4. At a camping site near York. Translate.

Frau Meier: Guck mal diese schönen Fotos. Ist das Wales?

Mrs Smith: Yes, Wales. There are a lot of nice places there.

Frau Meier: Ich würde mir die Illustrierte (magazine) gerne mal anschauen. Ob ich die wohl mal in unseren Wohnwagen nehmen


darf? Übersetz mal, Gerhard.


Mrs Smith: Oh, certainly. And you can keep it or throw it away after you've finished with it.



Frau Meier: Thank you. Frag doch mal für mich, ob sie gerne liest, und was so.



Mrs Smith: Well, there's not much time for reading books at home. But I enjoy reading the newspaper or women's magazines in the


evening. Instead of watching TV, you see. And you?

Gerhard: Sie sagt,

Frau Meier: Das ist bei mir genau so. Manchmal lese ich aber einen Krimi. Mein Mann hat eine ganze Menge.

Gerhard: Mum says it's

Mrs Smith: Detective stories? And it doesn't stop you from sleeping at night?

Gerhard: Sie fragt,

Frau Meier: Nein. Wenn sie zu grausam sind, höre ich sowieso (anyway) auf zu lesen.


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