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E - Klasse 5 - Arbeit Nr. 3

Gower peninsula

Gower peninsula


1. Tenses. Past tense and present  perfect. Use the past tense or present perfect with the verbs in brackets.


1.1. My brother (play)  in a band last year.


1.2. Yesterday afternoon a lion   (escape) from London Zoo. The animal (walk) into the pedestrian precinct,


where there (be) hundreds of Christmas shoppers. Children (start) crying and people


(try) to hide in shops and snack bars. The police were called and after two hours they finally (catch) the


animal in front of a baker's shop. It was taken back  to the zoo at once.


1.3. Mr Denny can't get into the house. He (lose) his keys.


1.4. - Where's Meg?


- She (not / come) yet. We're still waiting for her.


1.5. I (read) your book. You can have it back now.


1.6. I (read) your book last weekend.


1.7. How long (have / you) your computer?


1.8. When (buy) your new computer?


1.9. - Where are Paul and Simon?


- They are at the youth club. They (be) there for three hours.


- So they (be) there since two o'clock.


- You're right.


1.10. - (try / you / ever) any Chinese food?


- No, I .

2. In English, please.

2.1. - Gabst du mir mein Buch ?

- Ja.

2.2. - Ich wohnte vor 10 Jahren hier.

- Wie lange wohnst du schon hier?

3. Prepositions. Fill in the correct prepositions (Setze  die richtigen Präpositionen ein).

3.1. Betty and Hetty are Bristol. They go the same school. Their school is  London Road. It's 71 London Road.

3.2. How do Betty and Hetty get home?

- They  get home train or foot.

3.3. - Where's Holmes Street?

- It's Swansea Square.

- How do I get there?

- Take a number two bus Cambridge Road.

- And  how do I get there Cambridge Road?

- Go Oxford Road, then turn right Blair Street. Holmes Street is not far   Blair Street.

3.4. - Where's my pencil?

- It's not your desk, but   it.

4. Pronouns. Use the correct pronouns (Verwende die richtigen Pronomen.)

4.1. - What's hobby number one?

  hobby  number one is swimming.

4.2. - I can see Mary.

- I can't see .

4.3. Jayne and Mabel are sisters.  hobby  is playing with dolls.

4.4. - Are  Pete Gray?

- No,  am David Evans.


4.5. - Can  have  biro, Jayne?

- Yes, here is.

4.6. - Is Rowena English?

- No, is Welsh.

4.7. - Peter: Can  help , Pat?

- Pat : No, can't.

4.8. - Where's handbag?

is  in the car.

4.9. - Are Tim and Joff at school?

- No, are in the supermarket.

4.10. - Tim, where's  cat?

- is  in the cupboard.

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