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E - Klasse 6 - Übung Nr. 5


1. Tenses. Simple present or simple past? Copy the sentences before you check your answer.

1.1. Last month Timothy to Durham. (go)

1.2. Our plane
at five. (leave)

1.3. Jeff
born in London in 1978. (be)

1.4. I
Douglas and I in Slough. (be / live)

1.5. Susie's budgie
dead. Yesterday she another bird. (be / buy)

1.6. Last Sunday I
at 5 in the morning and the football match on tv. (get up / watch)

1.7. He always
to work at 10 o'clock. (go)

2. Questions. Ask questions. The parts that you have to form questions with are underlined.

2.1. Tom got up at seven.


2.2. Tina broke her leg  in Scotland  last summer.






2.3. He went to the sea because he wanted to play in the dunes.







2.4. The bus arrived at the station at 6 o'clock.







2.5. Tommy's car was twelve years old yesterday.  







2.6. The skirt is green.  




3. Tenses again. Present Tense - past tense. Supply the correct tense before you check your answer.
It is best to read the whole text first. Use short forms where necessary.

On Saturdays Mr Hall (not go) to work and his two boys (not go) to school.


They (get up) late and (have) breakfast when they (like).


Sometimes they (leave / not) their house before eleven or twelve.


If the weather (be) fine, they (go) out into the country in their old VOLVO.


And sometimes they (take) their lunch with them.


They (have) a good time together, and on most Saturdays they (get) home before seven o'clock.


But some Saturdays (be) different.


Here (follow) the letter which Tim Hall (write) to his friend Bob, who (live) in Las Vegas.


Dear Andrew, I (must) (tell) you all about last weekend.


You (know) Daddy (love) fishing and Jonathan and I (like) playing football.


So last Saturday we (have) a picnic at a place near a river that (be) very good for fishing.


We (get up) at 7 o'clock and (have) a quick breakfast.


The three of us (leave) the house at 8.


The weather (be) fine and we (drive) to the river in our old Volvo.


We (have) a packed lunch with us.


We all (spend) a lovely day at the river, only Daddy (not / catch) any fish.


We (come) back at about 8 p.m.


It (be) a wonderful day with our father.


That (be) all for now.


Jonathan (send) his love. All the best, Tim



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