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E - Klasse 6 - Arbeit Nr. 2




1. Letter writing. You write your first letter to your new American pen-friend. tell him or her all about yourself, your hobbies, your school, etc. Write at least 100 words.





2. some, any, something, anything, somebody and anybody. Complete.


2.1. I'm sorry we haven't got alcoholic drinks.


2.2. But we've got fruit juice.


2.3. John never drinks alcohol.


2.4. There are good Chinese restaurants in London.


2.5. We haven't got good book shops in our town.


2.6. I haven't got money on me.


2.7. people never understand why cigarettes are so dangerous.


2.8. I can't get them from the butcher's because I haven't got cash.


2.9. Why don't they do against this dangerous man?


2.10. Could you give me milk, please?


2.11. She has got for her brother's birthday.


2.12. Peter, here are personal questions. When did you go to bed last night? ...


2.13. was at the front door, but my sister couldn't hear .


2.14. Has left in the car?

3. The present perfect tense. Complete the given sentences.

3.1.Tom: you your bed and you your room yet? (make / dust)


Pat : No, Jane hers yet? (do)


3.2.Chris: Look at your shoes. You still them.


Joff : I know. But I all the shopping away. (not / clean / put)


3.3.John : Sue, you the dog today?


Sue : No, I . But I already him for his walk in the park. (feed / short answer / take)


4. Articles. Put in a, an, the where necessary.

4.1. Here is story about young Lincoln.


4.2. My parents want me to become doctor.


4.3. In Canada agriculture is more important than industry.


4.4. most people are selfish.


4.5. The boy laughed at poor teacher.


4.6. After war Italy became republic.


4.7. What nonsense!


4.8. We love peace and hate war.


4.9. This is cheese I don't like at all.


4.10. life is short.

5. Defective auxiliaries. Put in: can, could, be able to, may, might, must not, be allowed to, need not.

5.1. You take those tablets any longer; they aren't good for you.


5.2. You lend him money, he has won a prize in the lottery.


5.3. This year I (not) go to Scotland but I to go next year.


5.4. During our holidays our children stay up till ten o'clock.


5.5. The driver (not) get out of the car before it caught fire.

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